5 What-In-the-World Facts About Donald Trump

5 What-In-the-World Facts About Donald Trump

Although he might be popular, there are still a few things that you might not know about real estate mogul Donald Trump. Below are 5 astonishing facts about Donald Trump the American billionaire.

  • Donald Trump the teetotaler

One of the most amazing facts about Donald Trump is that he is a complete teetotaler and does not drink alcohol at all. He made a decision to never take any alcohol because his brother, Fred Trump, struggled with alcoholism. Fred, who later passed on due to alcohol related complications, in a way set an example for Donald trump that led the real estate mogul to forever refrain from the bottle. That’s why you will never find Donald Trump cutting a deal over a glass of scotch.

  • One among Least charitable billionaires

The fact that Donald Trump is ranked among the least charitable billionaires is probably one of the least captivating facts about him. While he has donated only $ 3.7 million to his own foundation, the trump foundation, other business entities and companies such as a wrestling company have donated more than he has to the trump foundation. This makes him one of the least charitable billionaires in the world, with many billionaires in the world contributing tens of millions if not hundreds of millions to charitable organizations and causes.

  • Paid $85000.00 to get a 14 year old killed

In 1989, Donald Trump spent $ 85,000 to advertise on four New York newspapers calling for the death penalty on 5 individuals including 14 year old Raymond Santana. The ads ran on the New York Times, New York Newsday, New York Daily News and New York Post. This act fired up the media and played a role in the jury’s decision to send the youths to jail. However, 13 years later, DNA evidence showed that the 5 were not the attackers and were released from jail. The attacker later confessed to having committed the crime. Donald Trump has to this day, refused to apologize for his actions.

  • Cashed a 13 cents check

In 1990, Donald Trump cashed a $ 13 check sent to him by Spy magazine. Spy created a legally incorporated company which then sent $1.11 to 58 wealthy people. 26 people of these 58 cashed their checks, Trump was one of the 26. It then sent the 26 people a 64 cent check to cover a computer error’ to which 13 people cashed the check, one of them being Trump. The thirteen were then sent 13 cent checks of which only two people cashed these checks. Donald Trump was one of the two people who cashed the 13 cent checks.

  • Sued over domain names

One captivating fact about Donald Trump is that in 2013, he sued a hacker who had created about 200 websites using his name in their domain names. The hacker, J. Taikwok Yung had bought more than 200 domain names using Mr. Trump’s name. These domain names included trumpabudhabi.com, trumpmumbai.com, and trumPbeijing.com. He had initially offered to pay $100 for each domain. Yung however refused and Mr. Trump filed the case with the World Intellectual Property Organization which ruled in his favor.