8 Amazing facts about Pakistan, that will surprise any outsider

8 Amazing facts about Pakistan, that will surprise any outsider

To any foreigner, including Indians, a visit to Pakistan may just sound like a dangerous idea. Why, you ask? With the media having intensified terrorism in the country, Pakistan has earned a reputation of being one of the most unsafe places in the world to pay a visit to. But, how is it possible that, despite the many allegations, Pakistan became the first Islamic nation in the world to construct civil nuclear plants, and completely rock at it? You know, it’s time to move beyond the stereotypes, labels, and opinions the world has regarding the nation. You’ll be amazed at the many interesting facts we reveal about Pakistan that make this country a beautiful, fun country with one too many achievements. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Fact #1

Pakistan is home to the world’s largest artificial forest. Changa Manga, located in the Kasur district of Punjab, is stretched at an area of 30.1 square miles (48.6 sq km), and is considered as the largest forest planted by man. It might be interesting to know that the name “Changa Manga” comes from the tale of two thieves called Changa and Manga who, after looting the locals, used to hide in the forests. A large portion of the wildlife calls the forest its home; species of Indian peafowl, nilgai, wild boar, hog deer, and mouflon are found in abundance in the forest.

  • Fact #2

An earthquake in Pakistan created a whole new island. The year 2013 witnessed a wicked occurrence in Pakistan, when a 7.8 Ritcher scale earthquake birthed an all new island, just half a mile offshore near Gwadar. The earthquake struck Baluchistan, leading to the landform that was estimated to stretch about 90 metres wide. Currently a mix of just fine sand, mud and rock, the island stands about 20 metres above the water line. It’s safe to say that Pakistan sure is wicked when it comes to topography.

  • Fact #3

“Sex” is most looked up on Google by Pakistanis. Sex, sex, sex every other type of sex you can imagine – Pakistanis top the search rankings! For a country that’s unbelievably strict and conservative when it comes to sex and pornography, Pakistan gives a 100 per cent rating for search engine traffic for pornography terms. Oh wait, maybe it really is due to the conservativeness that the country received such high ratings!

  • Fact #4

The first computer virus was created by Pakistanis. Termed as “Brain”, the first computer virus for MS-DOS was released in January, 1986 by Lahore-based brothers Basit Farooq Alvi and Amjad Farooq Alvi. The virus infects the boot sector of the storage media, slowing down the hard drive, destroying memory, and blinking a copyright message. The brothers Basit and Amjad, then coders, were just 17 and 24 respectively, and ran a computer store in Lahore. Today, they run Brain Net, the largest Internet service provider in Pakistan. Good for them!

  • Fact #5

English is the official language of Pakistan. Surprised? In a country of 191 million people and over 60 different languages, English stands out as the official language of Pakistan. While Urdu is the national language of the country, and is understood by almost all Pakistanis, it’s English that is used in official business, government and legal contracts. The countrymen have their own dialect of the language though, called Pakistani English or… wait for it… Paklish.

  • Fact #6

Zimbabwe, an African country, was the first country in six years to visit Pakistan for top-level international cricket in 2015. The last international side match was in 2009 when the Sri Lanka team bus was attacked and policemen were killed. However the International Cricket Council would not agree to sending match officials to the Zimbabwe matches due to still lingering security concerns. Pakistan’s national sport is cricket which is enjoyed by millions of people even in the streets. In a show of deep gratitude, the Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif wrote a letter of thanks to President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

  • Fact #7

Many agree that despite the damaging scandals involving soccer, it is unparalleled in both money and support. That said, few people, never mind the billions of supporters, are aware that 50% of all of the world’s soccer balls are made in Pakistan. This is actually a tradition that dates back to colonial times under the British who imported soccer balls made in India as the sport grew back in England. This tradition remained and expanded to the point of Pakistan making Word Cup balls including those of the 2014 FIFA Soccer World Cup.

  • Fact #8

At over 600 000 soldiers Pakistan is in the top 10 list of countries with the biggest armies in the world. This list is of course topped by China, the United States and Russia among others. Pakistan’s main military conflicts have been with India twice, a few skirmishes with Afghanistan and daily frays with the Taliban. These are some interesting facts about Pakistan which are quite enlightening!